Available Kittens 

We have some F3 and F7 kittens! Please look under the appropriate tab for photos and more information 

Kitten 4 (Boy)      RESERVED


Name:             NeferSahb Tyrion

Description:    F6c

Sire:               Saltrock Akina

Dam:               Saltrock Khaleesi of NeferSahb

Price:               £750


This little boy is a bit special. He was the smallest of the boys and started to fall behind so I've been giving him a few extra feeds. We had a little boy like this in the last litter and he has grown massive already so it shows that a slow start does not mean he won't blossom as he gets older! It does, however, make him super friendly, having been exposed to people very early. He has an incredible golden coat with beautiful spots. He also has the cheekiest face ever 

Kitten 5 (Boy)           ON HOLD


Name:            NeferSahb Jaqen

Description:   F6c

Sire:              Saltrock Akina

Dam:              Saltrock Khaleesi of NeferSahb

Price:             £800


This last little boy has the most incredible pale yellow, golden colour. Unlike boy number 1 though he has darker face markings. He has grown fast and is one of the biggest in the litter now and is a real softy. Always rolling onto his back for a tummy tickle.