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Buying a Kitten

Our cats and kittens live in our home with us all the time. They are part of our family first and foremost and the kittens are born in our bedroom and will instantly be a part of our young family.  They stay in the house with us and are therefore very socialised and will have spent the first 13 weeks of their lives being played with and cuddled by ourselves and our two young children. I really feel that this gives them the best start for a future in a home environment, especially if you have children or a busy household.  They will be used to many children of all ages (I childmind from my house), usual household noises like hoovers and washing machines, and will more than likely be used to sleeping on us whenever their energy runs out!


Before leaving us to go to their new home Nefer Sahb kittens will have had:


A full vaccination course of Purevac RCP, the first at 10 weeks and the second at 13 weeks


A full worming/flea/parasite course

At least two veterinary health checks.

All our cats have been tested for FeLV, FIV, and coronavirus, and are clear of these. We also are PkDef & PRA negative.

Kittens not intended for breeding will be neutered before going to their new homes and so will be ready to leave between 13 and 14 weeks. 

They will be:


Litter trained




Registered with TICA



Your kitten will come with:


5 weeks complimentary insurance with Agria Pet Insurance (The GCCF insurer).  You will be responsible for insuring your kitten after the 5 week period is up.  Your cover will start the day you collect/receive your kitten.


A detailed 5 generation pedigree and pedigree papers

A few samples of their usual food


A leaflet on how to care for your new kitten


Some favourite toys and blanket to help them settle into their new home and family

Forever help/advice from us




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