Kazuri had 4 boys and one little girl on the 2nd September. They will be available for reservations and possible viewings from around 30th September. They will be ready to leave from the 29th November.

Boy 2 - £1300

This little boy seems the most quiet of the litter until he seesa feather toy and then he tells everyone else it's his toy!!!! Really sweet little boy with fabulous rich golden colour and black spotting. He is the biggest in the litter now and is growing up to be absolutely stunning


This is our biggest boy and he

knows exactly how gorgeous he is!

He has a very rough, servally coat at the moment with some really stunning black spotting. His nose also looks like it will stay black. He really is a very special boy.


This is our very beautiful pale golden boy. He really is exquisite and has the most outgoing personality. Definitely a favourite amongst my children! A really special boy and super cuddly


Kazuri's only girl is really so special. She has the richest, golden, coat, with really strong black spots, and fabulous upright ears. She is a real confident little girl.. a much needed trait with 5 older brothers!

Melanistic boy RESERVED!