Kazuri had 5 f4sbt babies. 3 boys and 2 girls. She is being an amazing first time mum and we are so proud of her.

Boy 1

Description: 1st gold boy


This boy was born first and was far larger than all the others. He is growing into a really big, stunning boy with some lovely markings. I suspect his coat will turn more golden over time, with black markings

Boy 2

Description: Gold boy (orange collar)

Price: £1350

This boy is absolutely stunning with large separate dark spots on a lovely golden coat. I think he could be very special, as has amazing ears and looks far higher gen at the moment. He would make an awesome show prospect, and I'd potentially love his future home to give that a try if it was something they were interested in.  He is already quite the personality.

Boy 3

Description: Dark Boy

Price: #1250

This boys new home has sadly fallen through, through no fault of his own. He is the sweetest, calmest kitten we've ever had. his thumb sucking video almost went virale ;) He is very dark with jet black markings and just the best personality.



Description: Golden Girl


This little girl is stunning. She has a beautiful golden base coat with tonnes of spots. She could be a fabulous breeding girl for a small, hobby, breeder, or a beautiful pet.




This is the biggest girl and has been born very special. She has a tiny cleft in her lip, which is causing no issues at all, as she is putting on more weight than any of the others. She also has a patch of whisker pad on her nose. This happens when the whisker pad DNA gets caught up in the nose skin DNA when the kitten is an embryo. It is changing colour slightly and I think it has got smaller over the last week. I have no idea what she will look like as she grows and will definitely have to find the perfect family who will love her whatever. She will have a full veterinary check, and have to grow a bit, before I will put her up for reservation, but I really don't think she is going to have any health issues. She is strong as an ox! 

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