Our Savannah Girls

Aalspotz Ashanti of Nefer Sahb

Description:        F3 Brown/Black Spotted Savannah

Sire:                   Aalspotz Handsome

Dam:                   Aalspotz Legs Eleven

Owner:               Sarah Cooke/Nefer Sahb

This little lady has just joined us from Sue at Aalspotz and her photos truly do not do her justice. she is an amazing example of an F3 with stunning spotting and the biggest ears I've ever seen. She is an incredibly purry and fun little girl and I am so looking forward to sharing our family with her as well as hopeful for stunning F4 babies from her and Bear in the future. Thank you so much Sue... she is incredible!!!

Aalspotz Nina

Description:     F2 Brown/Black Spotted Savannah

Sire:                Preciousavannah Ra of Aalspotz

Dam:                Hotspotexotics Zakiya

Owner:            Sue Threapleton/Aalspotz

Nina is staying with us for a while to hopefully have some kittens with her best friend, AJ. In the Spring she will be moving to Spain to be reunited with her amazing breeder Sue at Aalspotz. She is an incredibly typey girl with absolutely fantastic Serval looks and behaviour. We are keeping our fingers, toes and everything else crossed that these two very special cats will have kittens here in the near future.

Nefer Sahb Kazuri


Description:    F3c Brown/Black Spotted Savannah

Sire:               Aalspotz Bear of NeferSahb

Dam:               Hotspotexotics Makemba of NeferSahb

Owner:           Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb

Kazuri is the first kitten we have kept from our own breeding and we are so excited to have her. She was bottle raised and so is super human orientated and is a real tribute to her mum, our very special Kemi. 

Aalspotz Never a Dull Moment (Mo)

Description:        F7 Brown/Black Spotted Savannah



Owner:                Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb

Mo, as she is known, is a super sweet and beautiful lower gen girl. She is currently pregnant and we are hoping for some beautiful, healthy babies at the beginning of February!

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