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Our Savannah Girls


Aalspotz Nina

Description:     F2 Brown/Black Spotted Savannah

Sire:                Preciousavannah Ra of Aalspotz

Dam:                Hotspotexotics Zakiya

Breeder:          Sue Threapleton, Aalspotz

Owner:            Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

Nina came to us to help out her breeder whilst she relocated to Spain. Lucky for us Nina is now staying here for good. She is an incredibly typey girl with absolutely fantastic Serval looks and behaviour. She has given us the most perfect kittens we could hope for. We love her to bits. She will be having her last litter in May 2023.

NeferSahb Kazuri

Description:  F3c spotted Savannah

Sire:             Aalspotz Bear of NeferSahb

Dam:             Hotspotexotics Makemba of NeferSahb 

Breeder:       Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

Owner:          Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

Kazuri was the first kitten we kept of our own breeding. She was bottle raised by us and is an absolute credit to her very special mum, Kemi. She has had some absolutely stunning kittens for us, and is an amazing mother. She has had some of our biggest litters and manages to be fitter, healthier and fatter even whilst feeding them! Her last litter was her first with Loki and was exceptional. We are therefore considering whether to let her have one final litter this summer before she retires as one of our forever pets.


NeferSahb Shaitani

Description:  F4sbt melanistic Savannah

Sire:             Aalspotz Acer spades of NeferSahb

Dam:             NeferSahb Kazuri

Breeder:       Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

Owner:          Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

Shaitani is our gorgeous melanistic daughter of Kazuri. We adore the melanistics and her spots show through her jet black fur in the right light. She has been to a show where she was finaled in 2 out of 5 rings, which we are really proud of. She will only have brown/black spotted kittens with Loki and we hope she will have her first litter in the summer of 2023.

NeferSahb Wren

Description: F3c brown/black spotted Savannah

Sire:            Almasi Loki of NeferSahb

Dam:            KingdomKatz Aaliyah of NeferSahb Savannahs

Breeder:      Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

Owner:         Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs


Wren is Aaliyah's baby from May 2022. She is everything I dreamt of from Aaliyah and Loki and has stolen my heart completely. She has the blackest, clearest spots on a beautiful, buttery, pale coat. Her ears are just huge and she has the sweetest nature. She sleeps curled up next to me under the covers every night and is my absolute shadow. Hopefully she will have some kittens as beautiful as her in the autumn of 2023.


Amare Tighnari of


Description:  F2b spotted Savannah

Sire:              Sampson of Amare Savannahs

Dam:              Bulgari Cattier of Amare

Breeder:        Chris Courtney/Amare Savannahs

Owner:           Sarah Cooke/NeferSahb Savannahs

I am so excited to announce our new F2 future Queen, Tighnari. Chris at Amare has been kind enough to entrust one of her stunning kittens to us here at NeferSahb. We've got a few F2s, including our huge pet boy Khomani, but this little girl is more serval like than any I've known. She has the biggest, sweetest personality and is absolutely stunning. I am loving every second of her kitten hood but also looking forward to her future kittens with Loki next year. 

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