Our Stud

Acer Spades has been an amazing father to our kittens but it's coming close to his retirement now. He is such an affectionate, loving boy, that he deserves to have a much pampered and loving home for the rest of his life. He will stay with us whilst we wait for Loki to "prove" and then he will be neutered and ready to leave with his future family. If you're interested in possibly being that family for him, please do contact me. 


I am so excited to announce the arrival of our new future stud boy. Almasi Loki is a dream come true for us. He is from Almasi Savannahs in Germany, and has Kiwanga and Savannah Sweden pedigree. We are totally besotted with this amazing boy and really look forward to seeing what he and the girls will produce next year. 

Loki went to his first TICA show in January and we are thrilled to announce that he came away with 5 finals and is now a Double Grand Champion! Absolutely over the moon with him and so proud.