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​I am lucky enough to be a small hobby breeder of the beautiful Savannah cat, located in Devon. I have been breeding Savannah's for 10 years now. 


Cats have always been my obsession and breeding them was something I had always wanted to do.  However, it was only when I discovered the Savannah cat that this wish became almost a necessity!  


My oldest daughter was born in 2008 and we named her Savannah. I then googled the name and discovered this breed of hybrid cat. In 2013 I was finally in a position to find a lower generation Savannah to join our family and was incredibly lucky to find the amazing Zuka.  She had had one litter with a breeder and had been spayed and came to us about 18 months old.  We were all besotted within seconds as she purred all the way home in the car and then started "chirping" at me later that evening.  


That was it...I was hooked.  I spent hours on the internet researching the breed and falling in love with every cat or kitten I found.  In June of 2013 I discovered Khaleesi.  She had such amazing type and personality that it was a no brainer from the start. It is said that Savannahs are not lap cats, however both of mine would stick to my lap (or my shoulder, back or head for that matter) whenever they could! 



We are so incredibly lucky to now have our F2 boy, Hotspot Exotics Khomani, and his younger sister, Zahara, as our pets.


We have now bred kittens of f3, f4, f5, f6, f7 and f8 generations, and are looking forward to many more in the future. 









Before having children I studied Egyptology at university and was doing my PhD on Ancient Egyptian temple writings and depictions. Nefer Sahb translates as "spotted beauty" in Ancient Egyptian.  Nefer means beautiful or beauty, and Sahb is dappled or spotted.  It seemed the perfect amalgamation of my two passions to call my cattery  "Spotted Beauty Savannahs".  The fact that a spotted cat with large ears, possibly a serval, can be seen in Egyptian paintings and ostraca made it even more perfect for me. 

NeferSahb Savannahs is now a recommended Breed Member with The Savannah Cat Association, which has lots of information on the breed and buying a kitten. Please click on the image to the right to be taken to their website.

Nefer Sahb is a Registered Cattery Prefix with TICA (No: 26190)

We are negative for FeLV and FIV

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